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Transgender Electrolysis

Unfortunately, unwanted hair is extremely distressing and a very sensitive subject for transsexuals, and permanent hair removal is an absolute necessity, but is also life-changing. Happily, much of this excess hair around the body is significantly reduced upon hormone therapy, however there are two main problem areas which will always remain, and this will take many hours of work over a long period of time to remove.

The first significant area is the facial area. Luckily, with the Apilus® , treatment times are greatly reduced, and levels of comfort achieved that were never before possible. Sadly, many are seduced into being treated by laser or IPL, with promises of quick, permanent results. For a very few, good or acceptable results can be achieved, depending on skin and hair colour, however for the vast majority there will remain a significant amount of hair which can only be treated by electrolysis. Unfortunately however, most of those people will have wasted significant amounts of time and money, and caused themselves some skin damage, before they realise the necessity of seeking electrolysis. Far better to start as you mean to continue! One of the advantages of electrolysis when removing the beard is the control that is possible. The natal woman has soft downy hair in place of the male sideburns. It is possible by partially epilating the hair in this region to produce a more natural look, instead of removing the hair totally, which would look unnatural and therefore an undesirable result. The removal of a beard or body hair can be a lengthy process, however a suitable treatment plan will be tailored to your requirements to ensure your goals are achieved in the most efficient way possible.