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Skin Analysis and Consultation - An Expert View

How often have you gone for a facial- that you have chosen from the salon's treatment menu - and simply been told to lay on the couch and let the therapist get on with it? Perhaps they have asked you how your skin feels and what products you use. They might even have told you that your skin is normal, combination or oily but have they really discussed YOUR needs and what YOUR expectations are? Have they really looked closely at your skin?

To get the results you want some time must be given to an extensive consultation before I start the practical part of the skin analysis. A good facial is not a 'one size fits all' experience and you will often discover that you have more than one or two issues you want to resolve.

The principal obective is to gather as much information about your skin and your lifestyle as possible. With this knowledge, combined with the skin analysis procedure, we can 'establish cause' of the skin condition, relate it to the skin's function and set a treatment programme in place for the salon and at home.

When you come for your consultation you should bring with you:

  • All your skin care
  • All your make up
  • A list of medication (many medications can aggravate skin conditions, or can be contra-indications for certain treatments).
  • A list of vitamins or supplements

Please arrive wearing no make up or moisturisers so a true picture of the skin can be seen.

I'll next look at your skin through a magnifying lamp to examine the texture, colour and dryness/oiliness or dehydration. A good light source is essential for good analysis! Here we can see open pores, dilated capillaries, milia or any other kind of blemishes that could be bothering you. A proper analysis goes way beyond finding out if your skin is normal, combination or oily. It will certainly be one of those - as we are born with a predisposition for the skin to develop in to one of those types, depending on our inherited genetic characteristics. It is skin conditions that we are going to look at.


Black light is a jewel in the therapist's tool kit. It's an excellent too which will help us evaluate your skin's pigmentation, density and its oil secretions. The skin scanner is a simple 'box' like piece of equipment that allows the client to place their head inside (with loose sheets drawn around the back, so you are not confined). A fan will keep the inside cool for the few minutes it will take to make the observations needed. You can see everything that I am looking at by means of a two-way mirror and this will help you understand and contribute to the treatment plan we decide on.

Most people find this a fascinating and insightful experience.

A full consultation will take a minimum of 30 minutes - often a little longer. Any notes taken, or records kept, will be kept private at all times - confidentiality is absolute.


A full consultation costs £20. This is redeemable agains the cost of any treatment.