Geraldine Walters Skin Therapist


Geraldine has a wealth of experience and training in all aspects of the beauty industry, but it’s the science that interests her the most. Her two specialist areas are electrolysis and skincare. In her own words:

“I set up my own business because I knew there was a demand for good electrolysists and facialists. They’re obviously closely related and I spend a lot of time looking at skin through a magnifying lamp.

“The science of skincare has evolved really quickly but many salon treatments are still mainly offering ‘pampering’. I wanted to offer solutions and real hope for better skin. I get a lot of referrals for people who want real results and much more than a beauty salon facial can provide.

“I get real satisfaction when clients are genuinely happy. I see this particularly with women who achieve a virtually hairless complexion after having suffered from excess hair growth due to polycystic ovarian syndrome.”



Geraldine trained at the London College of Fashion (now part of The University of the Arts). LCF is renowned for London Fashion Week, and when Geraldine trained it had a centre for beauty and hairdressing that went with the catwalk fashion.

“Our training was rigorous; it even included cosmetic chemistry and product formulation. But I loved the science and it was that area that I pursued rather than beauty.

“After a few years spent working in salons in London – including the Selfridges Spa – I got my teaching qualification from Greenwich University. I suppose I went full circle when I got a lecturing post back at LCF, teaching on the Foundation Degree for Beauty Therapy and Health Studies – working with the same team who had taught me. Analysis and questioning means you never take anything you’re told for granted!”



Her hero brand is pHformula  –  a revolution in the world of skin resurfacing.

“It’s an amazing range that’s able to treat skin conditions such as acne, right from small breakouts to cysts and scarring. Or I can provide a fantastic birthday treat with a radiance boost. Clinical skincare doesn’t mean you can’t have luxury!

It’s also a very personalised system. Most people will have more than one skin issue: for example, some pigmentation and some age damage or some rosacea and some pigmentation. pHformula moves away from the ‘one size fits all’ approach and allows me real flexibility to treat everyone on a truly individual basis.”



Twenty years’ experience and a continued search for results gives Geraldine an edge over many clinics.


You can find Geraldine’s clinic is tucked away in the historic St Nicholas Street, Diss in South Norfolk.

“It’s actually a bonus not being on the High Street when people want to talk about unwanted hair, for example. I think the way I work, based on consultation, is the most professional way to approach skin care. You can’t offer some of the treatments to walk-in clients. Plus, I write a personalised treatment plan for most people.



I think clients like the fact that, although I lived in London for many years, I’m a local girl at heart. My sisters are both near Norwich and the family house is still in King’s Lynn so I have real ties to the area. I think I’m mostly recognised by my dog though. Charlie is a large, rescue greyhound who crops up in conversation on a regular basis. He’s even been to some networking events!


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