Young Me. 1990

It’s New Year. Let’s not go for New You when Better You is fine….

Welcome to a New Decade Another New Year and this one brings a new decade. The papers and social medial are full of photos and posts about how we’ve changed. Young twenty-somethings, who in 2010 were stumbling out of parties and living in their parents’ homes, are now themselves mortgage…

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Five Good Reasons Men Should Get a Facial – and age is no barrier

The trend for body fitness continues. There is a smorgasbord of classes you can go to if you live in the city but the selection is still rich even in more remote areas such as South Norfolk. And they are not just for women. Yoga, pilates, spinning and so on…

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Golden Brown How to make – and why to fake – your summer tan

If you’re off on your holibobs remember that Coco Chanel has a lot to answer for; She freed women from the tyranny of corsets, designed the covetable quilted handbag – still a trophy for many a monied woman – and since the 1920’s made a tan the next great fashion…

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Skin resurfacing - the ned generation peeling

Autumn – Season of Sun Damage, Wrinkles & the Magic of Resurfacing

  If you’ve been considering treating your skin with more than just a facial now, with shorter days and less sunlight, is the time of year to look at forms of regeneration and damage control. Traditional chemical peeling using controlled use of acids has been all the rage over the…

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