Professional facials are non-surgical procedures that help you to look your best, whatever your age. They’re also becoming more and more advanced. Modern cosmetic dermatology addresses three key problem areas – lines and wrinkles; loss of volume and contour; and skin surface and texture.

pHformula uses cutting-edge ingredients,  and simple yet effective techniques, leaving your skin with a beautiful radiant complexion and you with complete satisfaction. We can tailor your treatment to address your specific skin needs.


Any pHformula Facial is 60-90 minutes of highly active ingredients within a fabulously flexible protocol. Your facial is tailor-made EVERY time to suit you and your skin at THAT time. It would usually include:

  • Detection: With an indepth Consultation – revisited every time.
  • Working from the decollete to the hair line. We don’t just treat the face. 
  • Steam (if suitable) with a double cleanse using exfoliating enzymes and suitable for all skins. Exfo Cleanse contains lactobionic acid which creates a protective film. The only cleanser that boosts moisture content and never strips the skin. Almost magical.
  • Correction: Whatever your issues we have skin preparations and resurfacing with pHformula’s powerful but safe acid compounds. Formulations specifically for acne, pigmentation, wrinkles and chronic redness. These work from inside the skin to make changes at a cellular level that start on the day of treatment and keep on working.
  • Additives to suit YOUR skin condition and main concerns. 
  • Massage with rice bran oil to replace those essential fatty acids that over-the-counter products can strip. We’re going to lift those muscles, boost your circulation and make that skin glow. Tired eyes? Not after this.
  • A mask? We have five to choose from…
  • Protection: SPF 30 to 50 – Always, for everyone.

A phFormula Facial is not a pamper. It’s a treatment. But it feels fantastic. You will know that we are using products that are working from inside your skin to make it fabulous – and healthy – on the surface. For the first time, you will know why facialists specialise. 


Targeted results and focused solutions work for the following concerns:

  • Anti-ageing to slow down the damaging processes in the deeper layers of the skin
  • Hydration to restore vitality and moisture
  • Pore refining and outbreaks. It’s the absolute tops for acne. 
  • Redness and calming are reduced with anti-inflammatories and repair of the skin’s barrier.
  • Radiance boosting and uneven skin tone by tackling the production of melanin.


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