Five Good Reasons Men Should Get a Facial

– and age is no barrier


The trend for body fitness continues

There is a smorgasbord of classes you can go to if you live in the city but the selection is still rich even in more remote areas such as South Norfolk. And they are not just for women. Yoga, pilates, spinning and so on and so forth, attract men in almost equal numbers.

The gym, of course, is where you will find the male usually strutting his stuff. So if we are so aware of keeping our bodies fit and trim why do we stop paying attention from the neck up? We know that the ozone layer is thinner causing more UV damage, cases of skin cancers on the rise and generally a higher level of stress encountered all round in modern life. This is reflected in a range of skin conditions (the skin being the largest organ of the body) such as psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and adult acne.  My clients are 95% women. Yet that tiny number of blokes who are seeking professional skin treatments is growing due to the reasons given above.


What about Skin Fitness? Men Should Get a Facial

Here, though, are five of the favourites:

1. You will experience a cleanse like no other cleanse you have had. This is particularly vital if you have a beard, so that counts for about at least 50% of the men out there. A beard prevents removal of built-up skin cells and oil around the hair follicle. This leads to dry, flaky skin and ingrown hairs. Do not think that having a beard prevents you from having a professional skin treatment. We facialists just use our own magic methods.

2. Incorporating steam into the facial stimulates sweat glands to facilitate cleaning and softens the contents of pores if they need extraction. The warmth encourages blood flow and so oxygenates the skin. Steam can incorporate fabulous essential oils to relax, or enliven and is a great migraine reliever. A customised treatment can take care of acne, rosacea or any specific concern. We know that a one-size does not fit all.

3. Professional exfoliation can include the use of an AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids) or fruit enzymes to remove old skin cells while penetrating into the deeper levels to stimulate the production of collagen and fibroblasts (the principle cells of connective tissue that gives density to the skin). It’s a bit like removing the grouting between damaged tiles. A build up of old cells makes your skin look flat and dull, encourages blackheads and increases the depth of age lines.

4. A facial in the right hands is not namby-pamby pampering; it’s a workout in its own right. A good facial will incorporate massage and none of that soft stroking business but manipulation of the muscle groups that lift and support your face and give its youthful structure. And if you think a facial stops at your chin, then think again. That fabulous massage continues across the back of the shoulders releasing tension up into the neck and the base of the skull. Modern pharma-cosmeceuticals (products to the lay-person) are available that can successfully treat a range of uncomfortable and embarrassing skin conditions. This is not about beauty – it’s about skin health.

5. You’ll look great and discover why your partner loves it so much. An hour or more of bliss with amazing benefits once a month where you don’t even have to buy a round afterwards. Most importantly, you’ll also have an eagle eye check you out for growths and pigmentation that ought to have a GP’s or dermatologist’s expert opinion.

Do you think we still view men having ‘beauty’ treatments as a bit weird? Not ‘manly’? Or do you think they have every right to access modern therapies as women do?

I’d love your thoughts on this!