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Restore your lips to their former glory with Perfect Lips – this is how we do it!

We use an  innovative Mesotherapy product designed to improve lip

👄 Definition

👄 Hydration

👄 Colour

👄 Volume.

How do we do it?

We infuse hyaluronic acid, peptides and natural growth factors into the lips through micro channels. No injections. No fillers.

The Fusion Meso treatment, also known as Perfect Lips, is the ideal option for those wanting healthier, brighter lips without using dermal fillers.

Using specialist mesotherapy techniques, you can get a hydrating boost with results visible after just one session. Make Perfect Lips a quarterly date in your calendar and have better colour and comfort all year round.


How is the treatment done?

As part of our Fusion Meso treatment menu, an ultra-fine needle is gently taken over the lip tissue with very shallow insertions, to deliver a cocktail of sterile nutrients, natural growth factors and humectants that bind moisture deep into the lip tissue.

Improvements in colour, texture, hydration and overall condition can be seen from just one treatment.

A subtle boost in volume is also achieved due to the rehydrating effect of Hyaluronic Acid used in the cocktail.

 Why Do Lips Need Special Attention?

Perfect LipsThe skin on the lips is very delicate with a thin protective layer.

Lacking sebaceous glands (that produce oil) as well as melanin pigments, the lips have no built-in UV protection and so are particularly vulnerable to dehydration and sun damage. Lip balms only offer short-term superficial relief.


What Are The Benefits Of Lip Mesotherapy Treatment?

Fine lines and wrinkles all around the lip border can also be treated simultaneously.

This not only improves overall hydration levels but promotes collagen production and elasticity of the skin around the mouth creating a more defined, youthful border.


What Can I Expect With The Procedure?

The Perfect Lip treatment lasts approximately 30-45 minutes depending on the area treated and involves application of the serum directly beneath the skin.

This is done with the Fusion Meso Platinum Pen, an automatic microneedling device that creates microchannels in the skin. When run across the body of the lips, the serum that is applied penetrates deeper into these microchannels, enabling maximum absorption of the products.


Does Lip Mesotherapy Hurt?

The microneedles used with mesotherapy are very fine and discomfort or pain is therefore only minimal. For some, it can feel like a scratch with a slight stinging and redness. There is no bleeding but some swelling can be expected for an hour or so.


When Can I Expect To See The Results?

A vibrant, rejuvenating boost in the appearance of the lips can be seen from as little as one treatment. However, we recommend a treatment plan of four procedures at two-week intervals for maximum effect.

Thin lips benefit from two treatments in consecutive weeks and then two more over the next four weeks.

Single treatment is £70.00

A course of 4, which we recommend for optimum results, is £240.00

After the initial treatment, maintenance procedures can be performed every two to four months to ensure long-lasting results.