We have a fantastic range of treatments for all skin concerns: from rosacea to skin lesions, from dull skin to acne using the most advanced skincare technologies and products available.

We can also help with teen problems and men’s skin.

There are individual pages describing the different treatments offered and the conditions they are suitable for.

If you have any concerns or questions at all then please get in touch or book a Skin Analysis session.

The skin analysis procedure allows us to:

  • establish the cause of the skin condition,
  • relate it to the skin’s function, and
  • set a treatment programme in place for the salon and at home.


My treatment was absolutely wonderful and carried out with great professionalism

“After speaking to Geraldine for some length on the telephone, with regards to booking a microdermabrasion session, I immediately felt confident that she knew what she was talking about. I even booked in my husband the same day for milia removal.

After a consultation with Geraldine, I became aware that the products I had been using on my skin were too harsh. I also had a troublesome spot that had been bothering me for some time. My actual treatment was absolutely wonderful and carried out with great professionalism.

My husband’s experience of milia removal was also fantastic and he was so made up with the results that he has asked me to book an appointment to remove the final few. That in itself is a high recommendation.

I have already planned what my next treatment will be and we look forward to our next visit.”

Sharon Andrews