How often have you gone for a facial – one that you’ve chosen from the salon’s treatment menu – and simply been told to lay on the couch and let the therapist get on with it?

Perhaps they have asked you how your skin feels and what products you use. Or, they might even have told you that your skin is normal, combination or oily. But, have they really discussed YOUR needs and what YOUR expectations are? Have they really looked closely at your skin?

To get the results you want some time must be given to an extensive consultation before we start the practical part of the skin analysis. A good facial is not a “one size fits all” experience, and you will often discover that you have more than one or two issues you want to resolve.

Geraldine’s mantra for a successful relationship with all clients is: Professional|Private|Personal. So how does this work in practice?

All treatments are tailored to you

Firstly, all treatments are carried out with utmost professionalism, using the latest products as well as up-to-date technology. Your privacy is respected during your treatment and confidentiality is assured. Forget off-the-peg facials, we ensure that any treatment or course of treatments will be specifically tailored to you, your skincare needs and your lifestyle.

Many treatments can be combined therapies: for example, a course of Medik8 peels followed by a course of skin needling. Or microdermabrasion before a course of non-surgical face lifts (micro-current).

Sometimes, however, just one fantastic facial is what you want – and we can offer that too! Look at the Medik8 MediSpa Facials or Visage Fusion Facials to see what would appeal to you – and we’ll make sure it’s going to be the right choice.

Professional skincare ranges combined with excellent knowledge

As a hair removal therapist, Geraldine also provides Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) which is ideal for removal of hair on the face and body but is particularly fast and efficient for larger areas. IPL is also fabulous for Skin Rejuvenation – removing thread veins and pigmentation and building collagen for a fresh, clear complexion.

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures offers an alternative and very successful method of treating thread veins and is also used for removal of skin tags, warts and milia. As a form of electrolysis, it is only available from therapists who have completed this further specialist training.

Geraldine works with professional clinical skincare ranges and prides herself on excellent knowledge, great customer relations and trying her utmost to give you the answers to your problems.

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Photo by William Randles on Unsplash